The Perdana Quay Lighthouse near the Telaga Harbour

After spending time enjoying the beautiful view from the top of the Langkawi Cable car, you can actually get closer to the beach that you just saw. You do not have to take your own transport to go the beach from the cable car. There are electric vehicles available to take you there.

Just go back to the base station and look for the Ecoride booth. There you will find electric vehicles such as the Twizy electric cars and Revgo electric bicycles that you can ride to the nearby attractions. Just participate in one of the tour packages that suits to your schedule and you will be riding the electric vehicle to the destination of your choice.

20 Minutes Twizy Fun Ride

One of the most popular tour package offered there is the Twizy Fun Ride. This package would only cost you <abbr title=”Malaysian Ringgit”>RM</abbr> 50 for a unit of the Twizy which can accommodate two adults. The tour will last around 20 minutes and you will visit the Perdana Quay Lighthouse near the Telaga Harbour.

Don’t worry about finding a way to get to the location as you just need to follow the lead car to the attraction. You will be able to spend some time at the Lighthouse to take some pictures as the scenery there is truly breathtaking. The lighthouse is surrounded by crystal clear water and white sandy beach.

Tour Participation

Group tour at Telaga Harbour Lighthouse

This tour is suitable for all travelers regardless of the age. Since the participant will be driving an electric car on his or her own, a valid driving license will be required. Without a valid driving license, you can only participate in the tour as a passenger to another participant from your group with a valid driving license.

During peak seasons like school holidays and festive periods, the number of travelers participating in the tour is higher. Since the tour slots are actually limited, you are advised to book a slot in advance to avoid disappointment. Luckily the slots can be booked online by clicking the link below: