Four units of green Renault Twizy

If you are on a holiday in Langkawi and staying at the Cenang beach area, you might be planning to visit the Langkawi Cable Car while you are here. There are a few options for you to take to get there but there is no better way to allocate a day for your visit to the Langkawi Sky Cab.

Drive the unique Twizy electric car to the Langkawi Cable Car

Among the available options to get you to the Langkawi Cable Car is by taking a taxi or even Grab (a service similar to Uber). You can also rent a car to drive to the Sky Cab but normally a rental car or motorcycle operator would only offer a vehicle rental for the whole day to you.

We are offering something different as our offer is not just a transport to take you to the Cable Car. We are offering you a unique experience of driving a fully electric car. Do not worry about find your own way to the Sky Cab, we would also provide you with a personnel driving another unit of the Twizy to lead the way.

Visit spectacular attractions along the way to the Cable Car

Flight landing at Langkawi Airport next to the sea

Not only we will show you the way to the Langkawi Cable Car, we would also take you to all of the breathtaking attractions along the way. Among the stopover location is the beach next to the Langkawi Airport runaway. This is a perfect place to get close to the flights taking off and landing next to the beautiful blue sea.

Melaka Bridge in Langkawi

The next landmark which you will be visiting is the Kuala Melaka Bridge. The bridge has a unique architecture and it is a perfect place to take a picture as well. Don’t worry if you would like to spend more time at each of the stopover as we will give you ample time before going on to the next place.

Twizy at Telaga Harbour Lighthouse

The final stop before reaching the Langkawi Sky Cab is the Perdana Quay Lighthouse. This is one of the most beautiful location in Langkawi next to the Telaga Harbour Marina. The scenery there consists of white sandy beach with luxury yachts in the background. It is just like a dream holiday.

Free and easy at the Cable Car before heading back to Cenang

Once we have reached the Langkawi Cable Car, you will be able to roam around at the Oriental Village on your own. You can either try other attractions at the Base Station or take the cable car ride to the top. At the top you can go to the Sky Bridge to enjoy the view from the peak of Mount Machinchang.

After spending some time at the Langkawi Sky Cab, we will meet up at the Ecoride booth at the Base Station at an agreed time. From there we will head back to Cenang Beach on the Twizy electric car. There is another attraction that we will visit on the way back. The Lookout Point is a small hill which you can go up to oversee the whole area near the Langkawi Airport by the sea.

 Langkawi Airport from the Lookout Point

If you are interested to participate in this tour from Cenang Beach to the Langkawi Cable Car, you can book a slot below or call +6019-201 6494 for more information.